Bringing Christian Science Clarity To Daily Living

Living In Grace: The Shift To Spiritual Perception

A Profound and Thought Provoking Book Clarifying Spiritual Principles and Practice

Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, said, “The human mind will sometime rise above all material and physical sense, exchanging it for spiritual perception, and exchanging concepts for the divine consciousness.”

This is what Living In Grace: The Shift To Spiritual Perception is all about. It is a profound and thought provoking book based on the principles of Christian Science.

Didn’t put your book down all afternoon yesterday for hours; kept going higher. I was productive, blessed, happy, and harmonious.

How I came to Christian Science … and then wrote Living In Grace

Opening the book I found lying on the library table many, many years ago, I knew that I had found what I had been searching for, a Principle of Love that explained and demonstrated the spirituality of God and man.

Actually, I hardly understood a thing I read, but still, I knew it was Truth, and I was determined to stick with it letting the light slowly, or quickly dissolve, my many false beliefs.

Within a very short time it became my passion and desire to share what I was learning, and to bring clarity and understanding – first to myself – and then to others about these universal Principles found with in Mary Baker Eddy’s writings.

Christian Science In Every Day Practice

Translating what I was reading and learning into every day practice, for others and myself, turned into a purpose that I could not put down, then or now.

This desire evolved into providing classes, books, courses etc. which has grown into our company The Shift Center®: which provides Tools To Transform Thinking.

However, every one of those “tools” evolved from this book, Living In Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception, so it is the perfect place to begin.

In it my purpose was to be true to the Principles of Christian Science, but speak a language that could be understood, appreciated and experienced by anyone whether an advanced student of a beginner.

Spiritual Perception

Spiritual perception is all it takes; it’s the key, but how to shift to it? That’s what all The Shift® tools are designed to do, shift perception to spiritual perception.

Mrs. Eddy calls spiritual perception a fan. It separates the Truth from the belief in humans living in a material world.

Perception is the main theme of the book. What is it? How do we shift it? Why bother?

You will find that focusing on perception reveals misunderstandings about Divine Love, and allows us to yield to infinite Mind’s perfect plans.

The intent – to Honor and Bring A New View To Christian Science

The Shift® is a system I have been teaching for many years, in a variety of forms, that puts into practice the Principles we all know and love, but don’t always understand completely, or apply to ourselves. From teaching The Shift®, the book was born.

The book was written both for those that call themselves Christian Scientists and for those that don’t, but who love the Truth, and are willing to explore a new way to see what is Reality.

If you love the Principles of Christian Science, and have a strong desire to have a deeper and clearer understanding of how to put them into practice, and see tangible results in your life, then this book will become a treasured means to this end.

If not already familiar with Christian Science, then you are in for a revelation that will transform your thinking, your perception and as a result your life.
All it takes ..

A guide to Personal Practical Spirituality

It’s wonderful to know: To live in amazing grace all you have to do is shift your perception! This book is your complete guide on how to shift all your relationships to Living In Grace.

Whether you are an advanced or beginning student of spirituality, this book will be your constant companion.

“A refreshing and powerful new look at the results of shifting perceptions to your true spiritual nature.” Alan Cohen, author of My Father’s View

“Experience the powerful changes in your life that will inevitably come from Beca Lewis’ inspiring book – revealing your true, spiritual nature and shifting you to higher heights.
Shannon and Scott Peck, authors of 25 Keys to Loving and Healing Yourself

Practical Guide

This practical guide to spirituality provides you with all you need to focus on what is beautiful, good, pure, and true. The outcome is your Living In Grace now. What are you waiting for?

What you will learn.

If you are tired of fooling around with material-based thinking that only puts Band-Aids on problems, and if you are ready to choose spiritual perception and the spiritual solution than Living In Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception is the answer.

In this book, I will guide you through powerful-proven-practical-perception-shifting exercises and personally teach you useful tools for shifting anytime, anywhere, and any situation.

You will find yourself restudying the book over and over again because each time your perception shifts you will experience greater insight into Reality.

I KNOW you know that the only way to make a permanent change in your life is to make a conscious choice to shift to a different perspective. Given that eventually we will all have to choose a Spiritual Perception, why not start now?

Purchase this book if you are really ready to be free of all human viewpoints and live in the Truth of your unlimited resources that have already been provided for everyone equally. This is not a one time and never use again purchase, but a day after day guide to revealing your true spiritual nature.

More treasures to be found:

  • ★ The Seven – Absolutely Must Know -Keys To Make Your Shift.
  • ★ The Eight GRACIOUS steps that keep you safe within spiritual perception.
  • ★ Effective Prayer – Not Petitions Or Begging.
  • ★ How To Effectively Manage Love Relationships.
  • ★ The Myth of About Your Money (Plus Worksheets).
  • ★ How To Reverse False Testimony.
  • ★ Where To Get Put Your Attention To Reveal Wealth.
  • ★ Why You Are Not A Creator or Co-Creator (Yes, you read right).
  • ★ How To Capture Turn Thoughts Into Things (The Correct Way).
  • ★ Reduce Negative Influences Forever In Your Life
  • ★ How To Make Decisions Quickly And Easily.
  • ★ The Three-Step To Remember For Every Shift In Your Life.
  • ★ Delve Into Why Sometimes Nothing Works.
  • ★ Why Honesty Is So Powerful.
  • ★ Why The Past Is Not Real (And Can Be Easily Re-Written).
  • ★ Why The Five Senses Are Always Lying (And At The Same Time, Telling The Truth).
  • Heaven On Earth

    Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception is a practical, profound, thought provoking and complete guide to shifting your perceptions to reveal what is hidden in
    plain sight. This book will assist you in breaking out of the prison of perceptions that stop us from realizing the relationships, the love, the work and the joy we desire in our lives. The 7 Keys to Grace and an eight step-by-step system based on the word GRACIOUS, along with worksheets, help the reader achieve awareness of Heaven on Earth.” Rebecca Brown

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    Living In Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception

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    Living In Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception

    Dear Beca, I read your book in 3 days, I just couldn’t stop! I had chosen the spiritual path longtime ago, but I was going slowly.

    It helped me to understand many things very quickly, you have such practical way of explaining that it makes easy to understand. For example for many years I had a hard time to make the difference between angel ideas and thoughts and then it became so clear ! So logical!

    I love the emails course like 7 day shift to Wealth, to Happiness. The 7 weeks to Love is just marvelous!! What I discover about what I was thinking about love ! wuaw!! It make a big change on me! And you know even if “humanly speaking” thinks seems the same I know deep in my heart that the truth that I had understood is so much important than the outcome I expect to see in my life.

    This truth allow me to understand why God – Love has always been part of my life and it has given me an inner peace that I have always looking for but never could experience it! Teresa Ferreira, Portugal

    Dear Beca – I am one of your many fans. I just began reading Living in Grace and have A Woman’s ABC’s of Life lined up next.

    It is the glory of this Universe and God that brings authors and those who are seeking together at just the right moment…with compatible styles of viewpoint and thought processes. I am so delighted and fully enjoy your examples – my favorite being the “Star Trek” comparisons to life’s approach.

    So many of my relatives and friends simply haven’t understood my non-vehement choice in dealing with my soon-to-be-ex spouse with his bipolar disorder and choices to philander. I gather from your upbeat writings that illness is not greatly a part of your schedule in life an I applaud that!! It’s fascinating that focusing on God first and goodness, that we are much freer to be whole.

    I think the most dramatic connection your thoughts, awareness, and style have to me and so many others strikes home for women: feel safe, lack of worry, finding comfort, and trusting what to do. Thank you…and God…for “being there.” Your candor and warm ease of communicating send an energy of security. Success comes in many guises and for me, you have rejuvenated my link to the All-that-Is.

    Thank you so much! Becky Reed, Montana

    I could say the book is terrific and it is. But better than terrific, the book is important. It is important in that everyone should read it. Physical Scientists…some of the best, say what we see, hear and touch are not really what we think they are. Ms. Lewis uses hundreds of quotes from nearly everyone most people respect throughout her book as her premise. Then she connects the dots between the quotes effectively, and for me, convincingly.

    Ms. Lewis gets down to what is probably real, what is core, and that therefore makes an important book…better than merely a terrific book.

    Can we establish a category of 6 stars?

    “Have had a very stressful, busy week, and your book/work has been quite the highlight. I grab it whenever I can and dive in. I feel the warm sense of christ-light around me when I approach your book and work I can’t thank you enough for the uplifting.” Janice L. Brennan RN

    “I must tell you that your book on Shift to Spiritual Perception was a great help and I plan to study it all over again.” Arnold

    “Thank You! You have touched my life, and my family’s life forever. Indeed my company as well. I will never be the same ever again, and I am so very grateful.” Sarah Neal New Smyrna Beach, Florida

    “I bought several books and learned tons from attending the conference … but truly without a doubt what I learned from both of you far surpasses all the other information combined.My spirit is leaping for joy at the knowledge I am ingesting.” Sheila Laschober – Oregon

    This is not a book you would read once and toss aside, never to see the light of day again. No, this is one of those keepers that you’ll read over and over. Not because you couldn’t grasp the steps but because you could.

    Ms. Lewis takes us on our own inner journey sharing her wisdom that she’s been living and sharing with others for over 26 years. She teaches us about how we perceive our reality and how it magnifies our experience. The more we focus, the more power we give it and make it our reality. Changing the way we look at things, situations, people, etc. changes our life as we shift our perception. Through ‘Living in Grace’ we learn the seven keys to Grace while incorporating the eight guidelines she calls GRACIOUS to shift our perception.